Saturday, 29 August 2009

Scientology: Crisis in France

"It claims to be one of the world's fastest-growing new religions but a battery of legal cases threaten its very existence in this secular country.

Le Berre, 21, keeps the machine as a memento of his mother's life. Four days before Christmas 2006, Gloria Lopez, a 47-year-old secretary, tidied her kitchen, hung out her washing, left her dull, suburban apartment overlooking the railway in Colombes, west of Paris, and walked the 30 metres out on to the tracks. She stood with her arms outstretched, smiling at the driver of the oncoming commuter train. He couldn't stop in time."

Full article: Crisis in France

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Did Tom Cruise abuse members of The Church of Scientology?


"Rathbun refers to not only David Miscavige’s long list of physical abuse against his subordinates, but apparently, Tom Cruise mimicking Miscavige’s management style, and by that we mean a history of unprovoked physical attacks on underlings."

Full article:

Rathbun Emails Tom Cruise's Attorney For a Second Time

Marty Rathbun fires off another email to TC's attorney:

"NUDGE - August 27, 2009


Having not heard a word in reply to my letter of August 12 (sent by email to you Aug 12) in response to your letter of August 7 (sent by email to me on Aug 10) I am left to wonder whether you acted upon my suggestion on how to handle my letter and its referenced webpage links vis a vis your client.

Should I not hear anything from you by noon Tuesday August 18, I will proceed under the assumption you and your client ignored my suggestion and are instead working on a coordinated defense of Miscaviges conduct.


Wednesday, 26 August 2009


A must-read open letter from Marty Rathbun to Tom Cruise's attorney:

"Top Gun and Hired Gun put on notice - August 26, 2009"

Even more accusations against Miscavige, out there, in the open, and STILL Slappy doesn't sue! The most litigious, vengeful cult in the entire universe and yet Slappy just bends over and takes it up the you-know-what! We all know why that is of course (we'll those of us that aren't afraid to doubt that is!).

What else is interesting is that Tom Cruise's own attorney also corroborates the fact that Rathbun WAS TC's auditor, AND is trained to audit, despite what the lying bastard Miscavige had to say in Freedom magazine's bullshit about Rathbun.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

My Perspective On Auditing

A great write up on auditing and the OT levels by former Scientologist and OT7 Stacy Brooks. Though this item is nine years old now, it should be required reading for any anti-Scientology critic.

"through the process ofauditing as I have described, these people have been stripped of all sense of themselves; they have lost all sense of responsibility - indeed, all contact with their own emotions, their own thoughts, even their own hopes and aspirations."

Full text:

Young Boys Are Still Her Weakness

Another "celebrity" putting up a weak defence for Hubbard's gay-hating ways:

Why am I always reading about Scientology helping its adherent's "fight adversity"? Normal people don't have constant battles with adversity. I would imagine that submitting one's mind to Hubbard's horse shit probably necessitates one's need to fight adversity with increasing frequency.

It's like the "Scientology saved my life" crap we're constantly being bombarded with by the hate group apologists. Most normal, stable people don't need their lives saving. If, at a weak & desperate moment in a person's life they find a cult promising Heaven & Earth and most importantly, friendship & comfort, is it any wonder people are so easily hooked and conned?

Tip: Just because you have people pretending to be your friends, it doesn't stop the organisation from being a human rights abusing hate group. Lets see how long friends love you for if you ever decide to blow the cult.

quirrels, Locationals and Time Tracks

Gawker posts the latest crazy Scientologist story. Filed under "Cults":

"Scientology Jargon in Action: Squirrels, Locationals and Time Tracks"

Buckle up folks. I think this story is going to travel :)


Monday, 24 August 2009

Greg & Debra Barnes (ex Scns) Interview

I missed this upload from Mark Bunker of, posted in June of this year, maybe you did too? Two ex-Scientologists, Greg & Debra Barnes, on OTVII when they left the church, in a one hour, 20 minute interview. I recommend all Scientologists who are not afraid to, watch this:

One of the last statements near the end of the video was well observed, "What are you doing in a church that you're afraid of?"

You can read Greg & Debra's knowledge report (very interesting) here on Mark's Blog:


Scientology: Spiritual Communit or Destructive Cult?

"I consider myself very fortunate to have left Scientology alive and my daughter not dead by suicide or worse -- institutionalized for the rest of her life. Do not think for a solitary moment that the Perkins Story is unique! I know of another family who is currently in jeopardy, but that family, I fear, is too deeply indoctrinated and my warning has been thwarted by their policy of Disconnection"

Full text:

Sunday, 23 August 2009

A Conversation With a Scientologist - 22/08/2009

This is OTVIII Scientologis, George Baillie, showing us all what a wonderful, calm, collected, normal human being Scientology turns you into:

And here's a quick mash-up featuring George and two other infamous nutty Scientologists:

Geir Isene: "When I met David Miscavige"

"The real two year research with 1,5 hours of Internet reading and forum lurking as daily average didnt start until the summer next year. It got priority when the Director of Special Affairs of Oslo Org asked if I could check something for him on the Internet. He told me that some journalist was about to write some fiction about David Miscavige beating his staff. It turned out it was not so fictitious after all. I checked and cross checked, fact checked and analyzed. When Tommy Davis seriously botched his rebuttal of the SP Times articles, I knew it was over for me as a member. I spent a couple of weeks to write down my conclusions. The rest is on this blog. David Miscavige: You cannot escape honest observations."

Full text:


L Ron Hubbard - The Lying Conman

Olden but golden: