Saturday, 5 September 2009

How Scientology Works: The Slave Becomes King

"Sometimes the greatest victims of bullying become the greatest bullies. An abused child can go either way. He may become an advocate for those who have no voice- or he may grow up to become a bully himself. This depends on who he chooses to identify with. If he identifies with the victim he will generally become a force for good in the world- but if he identifies with the bully he will become a bully himself.

Scientology ethics tends to turn people into bullies because it asks people to identify with bullies.

I will give you an example. Let us assume that a Scientologist is being picked upon by ethics or knows of somebody who is being unfairly singled out. Who is he likely to identify with? In the outside world bullying is unacceptable and so he is likely to identify with the victim and wonder what is wrong with the bully. What is the situation within Scientology? The exact opposite! The Scientologist is expected to ask why the person being bullied 'pulled it in'. In other words the mere fact that a person is bullied by another PROVES that the person being bullied is in the wrong! This is the ultimate in blame the victim. But wait! There is more! Nobody is alowed to pity those who are bullied because this is below death on the tone scale. It is literaly better to be dead than to show pity or humanity to the victim of bullying.

The result of this insanity is that Scientologists come to identify with Ethics bullies. This is entirely natural as bullies are always sure they are right and always certain of their own reality. Bullies also demonstrate Tone 40 (tantrums and shouting) while they are bullying weaker people. They are also characteristic of the Psychopath. Naturally, a good Scientologist wants to be ethical and so he is suckered into identifying with the bully- and eventually becoming one.

The basic deal within Scientology is that one can only avoid being bullied by becoming one.

This is why Scientology is never short of bullies- and why nobody stands up to them."


Thursday, 3 September 2009

New Marty Rathbun Letter To Bert Fields

A new letter from Marty Rathbun in reply to Tom Cruise's lawyer, Bertram Fields:

"Miscavige informed all of the members of International management that he had been telling Cruise all about how suppressive Yager, Leserve, and Mithoff had been to Miscavige personally. He told the executives that he had told Cruise how all other members of management were suppressive to Miscavige too because they refused to beat Yager, Leserve and Mithoff to pulps in defense of Miscavige’s honor. Miscavige said that Tom, as his best friend and most trusted confidante, had vowed to come to the Hole and personally “beat the living shit” out of Yager, Leserve, and Mithoff if the managers failed to do so themselves. Miscavige said that if they didn’t show evidence that they had acted, they all would be bypassed the next day by Cruise. The tantrum was accompanied by the usual ill-tempered and sadistic threats to the executives detailing what would become of them if Tom had to do “their job.”

Full article:

John Travolta & Kelly Preston, What Will Their Future Hold?

An excellent article by "Queen" over at

"One of Hollywood’s big questions right now is whether John Travolta is having serious doubts about Scientology. Added to that question now is his future with wife Kelly Preston. They are having a very difficult time dealing with the loss of their son Jett who passed away this past January. I don’t think anyone ever gets over a death of someone that is near and dear to their hearts, and healing from a tragedy such as this can prove to be both exhausting and devastating.It is especially hard to function after a death if you are always under the microscope of paps and fans. But that is part of the package deal of being famous."

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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

For whom does Bert Field Work?

Marty Rathbun receives another letter from Tom Cruise's attorney:

Greenberg Glusker Fields Claman & Machtinger LLP
August 26, 2009
Marty Rathbun

Dear Marty:

I am out of the country on a family vacation, but I did want to respond to your letter.

As I think you know, I represent Tom Cruise, not David Miscavige or the Church of Scientology. My letter to you was soley to protect Tom’s rights, not to deal with whatever issues you may have with Mr. Miscavige or the Church.

So far as Tom is concerned, I will repeat what I said before. It is neither appropriate nor lawful for you to refer to yourself online, in the media or elsewhere as Tom’s auditor. I would like to avoid taking action over this, so please stop.

I am not going to respond to your accusations about David Miscavige. Personally, I have never seen him even hint of the behavior you attribute to him. Our conversations have always been civil and respectful. He does appear to be a strong champion of the Church and its values. But that is not only his job, it is his life.

I know from what Mike Rinder has said that Mr. Miscavige, in effect, saved the Church when he cleaned house in the 80’s.

In any event, whatever your issues may be, I hope you can solve them.


Bertram Fields"


More interesting was the accompanying comment from one Jason Beghe:

"I was in the front row at AOLA when TC personally thanked Marty for delivering him his NOTS. I was on turnabout with TC as Martys other PC for over a month. I even coached TC through some meter drills on his OT VI. Am I now in some legal jepordy for having publicly stated this?"

Of course, as every on the lines Scientologist knows, Beghe is an insane liar being paid by Anonymous :)

Monday, 31 August 2009

How Scientology Works - The Body Snatchers

"Hubbard never did like human beings very much- too unreliable. His ideal was always some sort of super powerful robot 'well oiled, shimmering with power.'

The Church has now built its robots and the stats are down! This is because no normal person wishes to be, or associate with a robot"

Full text:

Divine Dishonesty: Cracks in my Belief System

"My thinking, as a scientologist, had been limited within a vast series of written rules and regulations, procedures, etc, written by L Ron Hubbard. The scriptures of scientology if you like. If I got sick, there was a formula to follow. If I got upset, there was a procedure to follow. If something wasn’t going right in my life, I’d jump into the Hubbard books and find a suitable scripture to sort it out."

Full text: