Saturday, 15 August 2009

New Gerry Armstrong Video

Latest Gerry Armstrong video. Show some support people:

E-Meter debate

I was doing a little research on the e-meter and came upon this excellent thread where an ex-Scientologists is performing various e-meter tests. Kudos to AnonOrange for trying (even if in vain) to introduce some sense and science into the proceedings!

Warning: VERY long thread!

Scientology is socially harmful

"The government is satisfied that Scientology is socially harmful. It alienates members of families from each other and attributes squalid and disgraceful motives to all who oppose it; its authoritarian principles and practice are a potential menace to the personality and well being of those so deluded as to become followers; above all, its methods can be a serious danger to the health of those who submit to them... There is no power under existing law to prohibit the practice of Scientology; but the government has concluded that it is so objectionable that it would be right to take all steps within its power to curb its growth."
--Kenneth Robinson, British Minister of Health

Friday, 14 August 2009

Geir Isen's doubt formula

I also refer to those current Scientologists so inclined, to read the recently departed OTVIII Geir Isen's doubt formula, and pay particular attention to section 1.2:

There are too many Scientologists repeating similar stories for them all to be lies. They are not all being paid millions of dollars from the media, the big pharma, or the NWO! Just how many more ex Scientologists speaking out will it take before you sit up and take notice? Will you ever run out of excuses for your criminal organisation? Is over 500 ex Scientolgists not enough? What is enough? 1,000? 10,000? 50,000?

Is Geir another treasonous, money-grabbing, fame-seeking, villain, being paid by the big pharmas?!

St. Petersburg Times - Video Interviews

With reference to the current SP Times pieces, they are accompanied by lengthy video interviews from the main people concerned, which adds a lot of extra credibility to the articles:

Amy Scobee. 12 parts:
Marty Rathbun. 12 parts:
Shelly Corrias. 10 parts:
Steve Hall. 8parts:
Jeff Hawkins. 16 parts:
Gary Morehead. 10 parts:

Gerry Armstrong to Marty Rathbun

Very interesting open letter posted today from Gerry Armstrong to Marty Rathbun:

Mary Sue Hubbard misconception.

I was reading the cringe worthy to gather a bit of data and noticed a line there that has either been added since I was there last, or I missed it on previous visits:

"Something not generally known is that, among other things, Mary Sue helped Ron to coin the word 'Scientology'."

Erm, no, she didn't. As is usual with LRH's thieving ways, he took the word Scientology from another source. The word "Scientology" was originally coined by the philologist Alan Upward back in 1907 as a synonym for "pseudo-science". How apt :)

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Welcome To My Micro-Blog!

Hi everyone and welcome to this new micro-Blog.

I've created it basically to archive most of the news and info type postings on my YouTube page TheEvilOfScientology in a way that they won't get lost in the plethora of postings that tend to appear out of the blue on my YouTube channel!

Please check back here for regular updates.

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