Saturday, 12 September 2009

Accountability: Where Does Your Money Go?

From the Leaving Scientology Blog:

"The Church, by its own newsletter figures, has regged over $140 million for the (Superpowers building) project, which is projected to cost $90 million. According to my figures, that’s $50 million unaccounted for. Fifty million dollars. Where did that $50 million go? Well, part of it, according to Joe’s reg, went to the Oak Cove renovations. Part of it, we know from that same St. Pete Times article, went for over $245,000 in city fines levied for not bringing the empty shell up to code."

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Friday, 11 September 2009

The World Watches As Scientology Goes To Trial

"In 15 years, Stoffen says he spent $75,000 on Scientology courses and books; others, he says, ''spent well over $500,000''. Then he discovered a 150-page dossier detailing his personal life, including a program on how to ''deal'' with him and get more money from him. ''I vomited all night.'"

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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

John Travolta is NOT gay.

How the Daughter of Holocaust Victims Took On a Powerful Religion

"Scientology Vs Paulette Cooper - How the Daughter of Holocaust Victims Took On a Powerful Religion"

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ADHD brain chemistry clue found

"US researchers have pinned down new differences in the brain chemistry of people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)."

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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Jon Lovitz: Scientology

Monday, 7 September 2009

Scientology's drugs message after Bray murder

"The DVD's tagline says it tells the "story of big-money drugs that fuel a $330bn psychiatric industry, without a single cure. But since its release, one professional involved with the DVD has distanced himself from the CCHR. Professor Howard Brody said that he believes anything produced by this organisation requires independent confirmation."

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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Scientology and "Know"

From "Ask a Scientologist":

"This word, "know", when used by a Scientologist does not mean what you think it means. When you hear a Scientologist say they know something about Scientology or the Church of Scientology, they are not saying what you think they are saying.

This can be very confusing. Let me clarify this. First, you need some basic Scientology concepts.

When Scientologists speak about knowing something, they are talking about what L. Ron Hubbard called "knowingness". Hubbard defined knowingness as "self-determined knowledge".

To say that more plainly, in Scientology, "knowingness" is what you "know" without any information, facts, evidence from outside yourself. It is what you, yourself, have decided is true.

You will note that this definition of "knowingness" would also be a perfect definition of belief.

This is not some trivial bit of Scientology, this is core Scientology dogma. This is tied to what Hubbard said about "OT" powers of "postulating". According to Hubbard, postulating is creating reality by just deciding that something exists or that something is in a certain state.

According to Hubbard, if you "postulate" something without any doubts or reservations, it must become true. This is what OT powers are all about.

And this is "knowingness". If you self-determinedly "know" something, and hold that "knowingness" without any doubts or reservations, then, according to Scientology, it will be true.

It's like telling people that, if they can hold a wish in their mind for an hour without ever thinking of pink elephants, that wish will come true.

Good luck with that.

But Scientologists believe this. And so they believe, pardon me, know that Scientology works, that everything the church says is true, that David Miscavige is the most wonderful person in the whole universe.

And they must hold this belief knowledge firmly in place without any doubts or the whole thing will fall apart!

And so you have someone who has attested to being "able to talk to anyone on any subject" -- and who obviously can't do that -- still "knowing" that Scientology works.

You have Clears -- who get sick -- who still "know" that Scientology works.

You have Scientologists, who can easily see the "OTs" around them struggling and failing in life -- still "knowing" that Scientology creates "true OTs".

Scientology true believers will put up with the most amazing abuse, broken promises, greed and fraud from the Church of Scientology -- and still "know" that the Church of Scientology is perfect and good.

Because when they say they "know" these things, it means they believe these things and they desperately hope that their belief will make it come true.

Scientology defines itself as "knowing how to know". Using the Scientology definition of "know", we can finally translate that: "Scientology: Learning how to believe".

And now you can understand what a Scientologist is actually saying when they say they "know Scientology works", and why they cannot tolerate any discussion or outside facts. They are trying not to think of pink elephants."