Saturday, 12 December 2009

Scientology's Top 100 lies

From exscn: "Scientology's Top 100 lies."

Friday, 11 December 2009

The Fall of Miscavige - Trailer

Excellent video!

Michael Jackson being exploited by Scientology

Oh dear! How crass:

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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Just exactly how OT was Ron the OT?

From ESMB:

"First things first. Did Ron actually evidence to anyone in a reliable scientific way that HE himself was an Operating Thetan? Did he demonstrate that he could operate exterior from the body with perception? Did he show anyone his presser and tractor beams? Did he heal bodies, his own or others, with turning black energy white or any other ways? Did he manifest whole track recall that enabled him to find billions of buried treasure? Did he use his whole track recall to patent life-saving medical technology? Did he use past-life intergalactic knowledge to eliminate disease, environmental problems, automobile pollution, poverty or world hunger? Did he show engineers how to build faster and more fuel-efficient passenger vehicles, public transportation or airplanes?Did he show his mind technology healing the sick or curing the insane? Did he ever have one OT tested by an impartial fact-finding study (i.e. scientific authentication)? Did he use his why-finding, debug, correction, qual or recovery technology to recover the vast majority of Scientologists who had left Scientology?

It is clear that he did not do any of these things. Yet, one might still conclude that Ron did in fact possess these OT capabilities yet CHOSE to not reveal them directly. Assuming that could (in theory) be true, there is another way to observe OT phenomena and behavior and that is by simply looking at Ron's personal & professional life..."

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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

The Scientology Balloon Massacre

Just what did these poor balloons do to the cult to deserve to be disposed of without sorrow? :) Can you just imagine the "RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION!" outcry from the cult if this had been Anonymous destroying cult balloons?

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Could loneliness be contagious?

From today's Daily Mail:

"Could loneliness be contagious?"

"What lonely people should be doing is seeking out the company of happy people with lots of friends; not marinating in a gang of the emotionally desperate like themselves.

If you find yourself disenchanted by some ghastly cult - like Scientology - the way to get out of it would not be to surround yourself with more disenchanted Scientologists. No, it would be to leave the whole process completely, and step into the outside world."

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Christmas cult goodies for sale!

The cult loves Christmas. It's a great opportunity to rip off their flock even more! I can't decide whether to go for the Scientology Music package, or the very tasteful(!) jewellery.

You can even get a discounted "Christmas White" e-meter, a snip at just $3,255. That's only about $3,155 more than it costs to build it.