Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Young Boys Are Still Her Weakness

Another "celebrity" putting up a weak defence for Hubbard's gay-hating ways: tinyurl.com/nacoeo

Why am I always reading about Scientology helping its adherent's "fight adversity"? Normal people don't have constant battles with adversity. I would imagine that submitting one's mind to Hubbard's horse shit probably necessitates one's need to fight adversity with increasing frequency.

It's like the "Scientology saved my life" crap we're constantly being bombarded with by the hate group apologists. Most normal, stable people don't need their lives saving. If, at a weak & desperate moment in a person's life they find a cult promising Heaven & Earth and most importantly, friendship & comfort, is it any wonder people are so easily hooked and conned?

Tip: Just because you have people pretending to be your friends, it doesn't stop the organisation from being a human rights abusing hate group. Lets see how long friends love you for if you ever decide to blow the cult.


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