Sunday, 13 December 2009

Comment by 'Thoughtful' on Portait of a ponzi man

"Scientology has somehow, I don't know how, but somehow it's gotten a bad reputation as a cult. Maybe it's because of Miscavige's insane antics on Night Line years ago. Maybe it's because he started wars with people online. Maybe it's because he tries to discredit whistle blowers. Maybe it's because he's stolen and has wasted hundreds of millions of dollars. Maybe it's because of all the forced abortions in the Sea Org which kinda flies in the face of LRH saying there's 8 dynamics.

Maybe it's because of the many people in his wake who have died. Maybe it's because of all the marriages in the Sea Org that he's crushed. Or people he's destroyed. Or billing Sea Org veterans who leave for $80,000 each which is illegal due to labor laws. Or maybe it has something to do with decades of human trafficking. Maybe it's because of all the people he's violently assaulted and threatened.

I don't know. I'm not Sherlock Holmes.

Then again, maybe it's because of a few "Scientologists" who seem entirely unable to differentiate the logical from the illogical even when the facts are right in front of their face, thereby helping to convince the world that apparently mindless Zombies really do "Walk Among Us."

I'm sorry I can't be of any more help. But I do know that neither you nor anyone else can disseminate Scientology in the face of being a cult.

So Target #1 on any dissemination campaign would have to be "De-cultify Scientology." But somehow in 24 years, David Miscavige has overlooked the first, most obvious, most essential, most important, most vital target.

Thanks again for letting me know that the current campaign is still running! I'm amazed and astonished as since I live alone in at the bottom of a cave with no outside contact with the world at large, I had no idea Miscavige was running ads in a pathetic attempt to prove he is honest after all, only he put the wrong kind of ads on since (god forbid) he didn't want to really sell any LRH books, but mainly just stay out of prison as long as he can since the authorities are asleep at the wheel. Or are they?

By the way, when this Ponzi thief goes down, you're going to look pretty foolish for having blindly supported a criminal. So I recommend you stay anonymous least you go to jail along with David Miscavige."

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