Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Daughters of St. Paul against Scientology in Italy

"Courageous stand of the Daughters of St. Paul against Scientology in Italy"

"It is a lucid and disturbing account of the stories of former Scientologists. You begin to realize, page after page, not only the courage it took to make the stories public, but the much greater courage required to leave because, as Alberto Laggia notes, "Deciding to go public with the story of one's involvement in Scientology is painful, but it is yet more difficult to give up an experience as totalistic and pervasive as that of adhering to Hubbard's church and to overcome extremely intense psychological pressure. In reality, as Maria Pia Gardini confessed to me, 'When you withdraw from a cult like Scientology, your legs carry you out, but your head is still inside'."

Full article: tinyurl.com/yhloayg


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