Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Lise O'Kane Resigns from cult of Scientology

Yet another soon-to-be-pronounced liar dumps the CoS: Lise O'Kane Resigns.

"I was absolutely disgusted with what Miscavige has done to our technology. With Reverse Dianetics & Reverse Scientology DESTROYING SO MANY LIVES WORLDWIDE, I realized the source of that plague was Miscavige himself. The CoS management in its current form is a suppressive group who are forwarding ILLEGAL ORDERS & downright destructive activities from International Management. This group deal in PROPAGANDA AND LIES & promote this widely throughout the world as unprecedented expansion. ORGS ARE EMPTY & hatred of Scientology is at an all time high yet the focus is to get upstat buildings and raise $ for the IAS to solve the problems and attacks. You cannot get Scientology within the churches any more. The brilliant tech of LRH is just NOT available & in its place is a SQUIRREL VERSION. I assign the Church of Scientology management and all its entities the condition of TREASON."

Full text: tinyurl.com/y9cnalu


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