Monday, 26 October 2009

Scientology: The Cult Of Cheap!

Part of an email from CCHR NSW:

"CCHR NSW is re-locating to Marrickville right in the heart of the shopping strip and near the good coffee shops! The move is next weekend - Sat 31st Oct and Sun 1st Nov - AND WE NEED SOME COMPETENT HANDS, vans and cars to HELP WITH THE MOVE!

Also, this week PRIOR TO THE MOVE, we need an electrician, roof plumber and handymen to help with renos on WED 28 OCT. (No major works - but it needs a good clean up and some building repairs). We can't offer payment for your services, but COMMENDATIONS recognising and acknowledging your contribution (plus other awards to those who are able to substantially assist) will be given to those who are able to put in their time and expertise."

Cheap cult!


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