Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Hubbard The Coward

I don't think there's any sane person on the entire planet that doesn't know that LRH was a liar and a very accomplished one at that. When LRH was in charge, if the church lied, abused, or in any other way did thing unethical, you can bet your bottom dollar Hubbard knew about it or was behind it. Like the current COB, he was a cowardly bastard who could never take responsibility for his mistakes AND crimes.

Hubbard ran away from the law on numerous occasions, and when the possibility was that he might not be able to, he would let other people take the fall for him, like his own friggin' wife for God's sake! What a cowardly sack-of-shit he really was. Sorry, but as unpleasant as some might think I'm being, Hubbard was cowardly dishonest scum of the highest order. That's a fact.

Hubbard himself admitted it was perfectly acceptable to lie to people. In fact, he put it down in writing. I don't think I need tell you what that document was, and that it is still in effect today.


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